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     What has Tony Drees been doing since the amputation of his right leg on February 9, 2018? Here are 100+ clips and photos in less than 3 minutes to show you how he just NEVER QUITS!



February 25, 1991: that fateful day when a Scud missile killed 28 of his Army unit and left Tony fighting for his life. He almost lost both legs right then and had been fighting to save his right leg (which never fully healed) ever since.




     Unfortunately, on February 9, 2018, Drees underwent his 70th surgery to have his right leg amputated due to cancer and other complications.


     He spent almost four months recovering at the Center for the Intrepid in San Antonio, Texas. But thanks to relentless rehab workouts, Tony was actually discharged five months sooner than doctors had told him to expect for recovery.




     February 25th marks Tony’s Alive Day each year. Just over two weeks after amputation, Tony reported, “28 years (since that fateful day) and 71 surgeries! Still Rocking Steady.”





     As Executive Director for Veterans Passport to Hope (VP2H), a Colorado veteran non-profit, Tony had to take a leave of absence for the surgery and recovery period. And yet, within weeks of the amputation, he made a remote appearance from Texas at the VP2H 2018 gala celebration back in Colorado via a pre-recorded video.




     He later mentioned that he was able to wean himself off of the opioids prescribed for pain within days of surgery. Tony had absolutely no intention of becoming addicted and found other ways to manage his pain successfully.





     In the year which followed his amputation, Tony Drees experienced more adventure as an amputee than most folks with two legs, and it was well documented on Facebook.





     With the war wounds he has suffered, Tony has been, to a large extent, serving his country every day since the Gulf War, and now continues to demonstrate his warrior attitude with only one leg.


Tony's Alive Day will be celebrated on every February 25!




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